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RoBuST has been developed as root and bulb plant community research platform for integrated analysis of root and bulb genomics data.

Currently, RoBuST provides a comprehensive collection of sequence annotations, data analysis tools, function and trait annotations, molecular taxonomy data, genetic linkage maps, markers and biosynthetic pathways for two root and bulb orphan crop families - Alliaceae and Apiaceae.
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  Structural Genes   Regulatory Elements   Repeat Elements   Other Sequences
 Intron-containing Gene
 Intron-less Gene
 Enhancer  5' UTR
 TATA Signal  -35 Signal
 CAAT Signal  -10 Signal
 Protein Bind  3' UTR
 PolyA Signal  PolyA Site
 Signal Peptide
 Replication Origin
 Repeat Region
 Repeat Unit
 Misc Feature  Misc RNA
 Primer Bind  Misc Signal
 Stem Loop  Variation
 Precursor RNA
 Prim Transcript
 Mature Peptide
 Transit Peptide
 mRNA/CDS Annotation  tRNA Annotation  rRNA Annotation  Mitochondrial Genes    Promoters
 Plastid Genes  Transposons  Molecular Taxonomy  EST